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Smart Risk


Smart Risk is an application that provides a 360-degree view of all your risks, issues and incidents in a single place. Built 100% on the Salesforce platform, it comes with world-class security, advanced analytics capabilities and the ability to provide all users, both internal and external, with a fully branded experience. Making informed and timely decisions has never been so easy.


  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Incident logging and resolution
  • Issue recording and analysis
  • Investigation management
  • Assessment management
  • Training compliance tracking
  • Library of knowledge articles
  • Fully configurable for your organisation

Get a 360-degree view of all activities in a single place


Enable your staff to record incidents, issues and risks from anywhere through simple forms


See everything in real time and be able prioritise important actions by severity or frequency


Track all your activities in a single place and view by manager, region, type or any other way you want


Identify and communicate solutions and advice in real time to mitigate and resolve issues

Make informed decisions with real-time analytics


Smart Risk comes with a suite of reports and dashboards that ensure you have all the key metrics available to make timely and informed decisions. Use the advanced analytics engine to build custom reports and dashboards with point and click tools.


  • Drag and drop report and dashboard builder
  • Wide range of components to visualise data
  • Scheduling and automatic delivery of analytics
  • Seamlessly connect with a range of other BI tools
  • Export reports

Capture information with ease with the highly configurable form builder and publisher


  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Integrate forms with custom process stages
  • Create dynamic and conditional forms to capture data 
  • Publish to both internal and external stakeholders

Visualise your activities to see key trends and issues


  • Easily filter data and create maps from reports
  • Overlay Google layers using KML files
  • Filter by risks, issues, incidents and many other ways
  • Identify actions from new perspectives

Automate your processes with a point and click flow builder


  • Time-based notifications and actions.
  • Event-based actions and tasks
  • Automated record creation
  • Initiate a formal approval or review process

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