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World class engagement management for the public sector



Addressing the challenges government face across all phases of registration, application, assessment, contracting and financial management.


Program360 is a full life-cycle grant and licence management solution built 100% natively on the world’s #1 CRM platform ( In addition to all the standard CRM functionality, the solution also provides a native front-end community portal, comprehensive smart form builder, collaboration tools, integrates with financial, HR and document management systems, geo-spatial visualisation and much more. Welcome to the future of program management.

Our rapid deployment delivery approach

We work closely with you to understand your program specific objectives and tailor the solution to meet your organisational needs.

Discovery, installation and configuration

Integrations, data migration and analytics

Business enablement, training and communications

Go-live, hypercare and ongoing support

Why we developed Program360?

After many years developing systems for public sector clients we realised that the core elements of program management and service delivery were almost always common regardless of the client. Rather than continuing to reinvent the wheel for each of our clients, we were ready to distil our knowledge of program, grant and licence management into a solution that could be used by all agencies.

Bringing together our talented architects, consultants and developers we spent 3 years building and refining Program360 into a class-leading toolkit for public-sector. Our solutions are now used to process hundreds of complex application forms daily and has processed billions of dollars in payment transactions. For more information and a demonstration, please contact our team.

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Our clients

“Program360 has been a brilliant tool that has replaced many manual tasks. The service provided by Smartapps is second to none.”


Carly L Byrne

Business Systems Manager

Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria


Can I find Program360 on the Salesforce AppExchange?

From experience, we have found that most of our public sector clients require some level of specific configuration to meet their business processes and so we have decided to provide our solution as an accelerator outside the AppExchange.

Is my data secure?

All data is securely stored within your instance. Hence all security aspects are covered by Salesforce.

Which modules of Program360 are required for an end-to-end grant management solution?

Our core Grant Management backend module combined with Smart Forms front end community portal delivers an end-to-end grants solution. Check out our Grant Management and Smart Forms solution modules for more information.

Which modules of Program360 are required for an end-to-end licence and permit management solution?

Our core Licence Management backend module (coming soon!) combined with Smart Forms front end community portal delivers an end-to-end licensing solution.

How can I trial the solution?

We can provision a 14-day demo trial instance. Contact us to learn more.

How fast can I get the solution up and running?

Typically, our out-of-the-box solution can get you up and running within 6 weeks. We then work with you to further extend the solution implementing specific business rules and approval processes. Custom integrations, data migration, UI/UX for community portals, etc can follow on in future phases.

How is Program360 updated?

Your Salesforce instance will be updated with 3 Salesforce updates each year. This includes hundreds of new platform features which enhance the underlying Salesforce capabilities and the user experience. Program360 modules are regularly updated in-line with new Salesforce features and at specific client requests.

How do you support Program360?

We support our Program360 clients with flexible support models that include a range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support options. We can work under pre-agreed KPI’s or via more ad-hoc arrangements according to the needs of our clients. Contact us to learn more.

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Program360 modules are always getting new features and enhancements. Here are some new features we’re planning to launch in the near future.

  • Participant and outcome management module
  • End-to-end licence and permit management solution
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Offline mobile capability for forms and maps
  • AI-powered advanced reporting using Einstein Analytics
  • And much more..
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